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Robin Pemantle

Professor of Mathematics, U. Penn

Robin Pemantle joined the Mathematics faculty at Penn in 2003. Before that, he was at Ohio State (1999-2003), Wisconsin (1991-1999) and Oregon State (1990-1991), and before that held an NSF Postdoctoral position at Cornell (1989-1990) and Berkeley (1988-1989). His Ph.D. is from MIT (1988) under the supervision of Persi Diaconis and his B.A. (1984) is from Berkeley in Pure Mathematics. Prior to his employment as a research mathematician he held a job as a mathematics enrichment instructor at Black Pine Circle Day School (1980-1984).

Pemantle's research focuses on two areas. Within Probability Theory, the research concerns discrete probability models, including random graph theory, processes with reinforcement, statisitcal models and random walks. His 2013 textbook with Mark Wilson is in the area of analytic combinatorics.

Pemantle has held a Simons Fellowship, Sloan Fellowship, a Presidential Faculty Fellowship, the Rollo Davidson Prize, and a Lilly Teaching Fellowship. He was a top five finisher in the Putnam Competition and is a fellow of the American Mathematical Society and the Institute for Mathematical Statistics. Robin's personal and professional web page can be found at .